Saturday, 11 October 2008

Autumn's near

the season's changing, and autumn is coming. the tree outside our apartment door has begun to change it's colour. and on the way to vienna, all along the highway, the sunflower fields which was once green and blooming when we first arrived, have now turned brown. some of which the farmer has harvested and now is field is laid bare.

when i look at them, i start to wonder about God's awesome creation. why did God create 4 seasons in some countries not all, and why 4 seasons and not 3 or 7? it's so amazing and wonderful to be looking out at the fields of 'gold'; it's really beautiful - wish i could stop and take a pic but it's the highway; and then think but not being able to fully comprehend what God had it in His mind when He created all of these, and all you can do is just wonder and watch in silent appreciation and admiration.

all of a sudden i was looking back and remembering how i got interested with this God that i thought i've known about nearly all my life back then. my mother as a catholic would tell me stories of Jesus and his mother Mary, and some of the parables in the bible. she would teach me things from there and it was nice to hear the stories. at that time, i've known what Jesus has done on the cross and about salvation and stuff; but my heart was closed and there was a moment when i even despised having ppl to talk to me about it - enough already, it's the same story, what's the big deal!

when i was in form 6, i was active in school with stage performances and sports. i remembered that my friend Mel and I had just finished performing a song (Eternal Flame - The Bangles...hahaha!), and then there were 2 guys after us singing with the acoustic guitar. out of nowhere, the melody just hit me and i was so captivated by the tune! it's just a simple song but oh so nice... it really got me. not sure if you've ever had that feeling of 'falling in love with a song' (LOL!!) but at that moment, it was that for me. they were singing from Jars of Clay - Love Song for A Savior.

upon asking around, a friend told me that it's a christian song. dunno what it was suppose to mean when i didn't hear any utterance of Jesus or God, and to my knowledge, aren't 'christian songs' choir-like and sombre? but it was at that point that i had second thoughts about Christianity and that maybe i haven't got it figured all out. a christian friend jumped at the opportunity and gave me the album with the song in it, a cassette then, and i listened to it everyday in the car. and then he introduced to me the Daily Bread articles, not the devotion itself but the separate booklet that comes with it and that was how i got to know more about God and then came to accept Him later on. My life has never been the same then....and it all started with a simple song.

'You are God in heaven, and i am here on earth,
so i'll let my words be few, Jesus i am so in love with You.

And i'll stand in awe of You, yes i'll stand in awe of You.
Jesus i am so in love with You' by Matt Redman

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