Thursday, 16 October 2008

IWCB & Asian Ladies' Meeting

on tuesday i went to an International Women's Club Bratislava at Crowne Plaza, right smack in the heart of town. got to go only because the nice jap lady who invited me came over to our place so that she could help me with baby & her pram up and down the bus. she took 2 buses to reach our place - it was so nice of her.

anyway, it was my first time and she was the one who introduced it to me. her husband works with Sony as well, and she was one of the people who came over for bak kut teh at our place for dinner; she's Kaori-san. she and her husband had twins (one boy and one girl - kau tim, close shop!) now 8 years old and attending the international school here.

when i got there, the meeting was held at the coffee house and it was quite noisy - ppl chattering and laughing and all that. all women, the only 2 men there were the photographer and the other is the dance instructor who was there to promote dancing classes.

the only seats available there were away from the counter where they served coffee and a distance away from the white baby grand piano. there was supposed to be a small concert that day. after taking our seats and putting Arielle down, she wandered off on her own, more like wobbled off, where she found new friends and toys to play with. afraid that she would be rough on the other babies, i quickly sat down next to her on the floor and grabbed her. it was from there that i started talking to other mothers, but more like started to talking to their babies first. ahhaha... why do we do that?

it's good to find that there are other women who are also in my kind of position. husband working, we stay home all day with baby in a foreign land, where language and food and culture is all new.

would be good if i can join the club; they've got a few activities planned out for the whole year and i'll get to meet ppl with the same kind of needs as me. but it's difficult for me to travel alone with baby and having to take the bus. in add'n to that, i'd like to get more acquainted with ppl from church and see where i can fit in to serve first before occupying myself with other activities. at least with church activities, aylwin and i can go together with the car.

there is also another club for women, it's called the Asian Ladies' Meeting and they meet once a month. an Indonesian lady from our church had invited me, but i told her i wasn't able to go. i'm sure it'd be nice if i could; maybe they have sambal and nasi lemak.... hmmm...or laksa, or curry...

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